11 ways real doctors and healthcare professionals get their digital marketing right

One cornerstone of running a successful practice is the digital marketing efforts put forth to attract new patients and get them to follow through with an appointment. But considering everything else that falls on a doctor’s plate — not to mention actually caring for patients — a focus on marketing isn’t always a priority.

Some of the main ideas of this article are:

  • Establish a solid foundation with your online presence
  • Stay consistent across the web
  • Zero in on channels patients are frequenting
  • Let patients self-serve with online booking
  • Invest in modern, consumer-centered experiences
  • Harness the power of online patient reviews
  • Capture reviews at the point of care
  • Listen and respond to patient feedback
  • Focus on the customer service side of your business
  • Learn from reviews and take action to better your practice
  • Keep a finger on the pulse of new digital marketing tools and trends

Click here to go to the full article


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