Making Your Business More Marketable

Some key factors that can make your business more valuable and some actions that will make your business more marketable.

How the SBDC Can Help You

Boost Your Business With No-Cost Consulting From the SBDC

How to Buy or Sell a Business

See this panel of experts hosted by the Chicago University Booth School of Business Entrepreneurial Roundtable alumni group. This panelist group consists of a CEO who has successfully made acquisitions, a business broker who has helped many companies obtain full value for their assets, an organization expert who can tell you what needs to beContinue reading “How to Buy or Sell a Business”

Rules of Thumb and Business Valuation

While rules of thumb may be useful for some purposes. They can provide a whole range of potential values to your business. When it gets right down to it, most of the time a more specific, and supportable valuation is needed for the seller and the buyer to feel comfortable with the value of a business.